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LED application 1

Aug 30, 2016

In the short term, MOCVD equipment and substrate materials, such as local supply chain bottlenecks will limit LED chip and application products serving the fast-growing and important factors. In the LED industry chain, for growing semiconductor layers on a substrate material of MOCVD epitaxial furnace is the most important piece of equipment, is the largest investment in parts. Because of MOCVD technology highly complex, aside from a few Japan LED production is only for for personal use or limited to the domestic sales of equipment, which can scale to supply the global MOCVD epitaxial furnace only Aixtron and Veeco companies, taken over 90% of the world market share, forming an oligopoly situation. Stimulated by lower demand growth, global expansion largest LED chip manufacturer began ordering MOCVD epitaxial furnace, two equipment manufacturers capacity cannot keep up with, restricts the growth of LED chip capacity.