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IR LED Specification Of Parameters

Oct 31, 2017

Infrared light-emitting diode (led) is a kind of near-infrared light-emitting device which converts electric energy into light energy. It has a series of advantages such as small volume, low power consumption and good directivity. It is widely used in remote control, telemetry, optical isolation, optical switch , Photoelectric control, target tracking and other systems.

Infrared led light color test system

Technical characteristics:

(1) Forward current if of the measurement range: 0.10ma ~ 2000.0 ma

(2) the measurement range of forward voltage vf: 0.001v ~ 15.000v

(3) Reverse leakage current ir Measuring range: 0.10μa ~ 100.00μa

(4) forward voltage vf measurement range: 0.001v ~ 15.000v

(5) Electrical performance accuracy: ± 0.2 grade with haas-2000 when the technical parameters:

(1) Wavelength range: 350 nm to 1100 nm;

(2) Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.5nm;

(3) stray light: 1.00e-04 (bwct technology)

(4) chromaticity coordinates Accuracy: ± 0.0003 (standard a light source), ± 0.0025 (standard light color)

(5) Photometric linearity: 0.3% (sbct technology)

(6) luminous flux measurement range: 0.01lm ~ 200,000lm (with different integrating sphere)

(7) luminous flux accuracy: ± 1% (excluding the standard lamp itself) with stc4000 when the technical parameters:

(1) Wavelength test: 380nm ~ 1050nm;

(2) Wavelength Accuracy: 1.0nm;

(3) chromaticity coordinates Accuracy: ± 0.0015 (standard a light source);

(4) luminous flux measurement: 0.1 lm ~ 1.9999 × 105 lm (with different size integrating sphere);

(5) luminous flux accuracy: a level

As the infrared light-emitting diodes, it emits 1 ~ 3μm of infrared light, the human eye can not see. Usually a single infrared light emitting diode power is only a few mw, different models led luminous intensity angle distribution is not the same. Infrared led the normal pressure drop is generally 1.3 ~ 2.5v. It is because of its launch of the infrared light can not see the eyes, so the use of the above can be seen led detection method can only determine the base pn positive, reverse electrical characteristics are normal, and can not determine the normal light-emitting situation, for this, the best preparation A photosensitive device (such as 2cr, 2dr type silicon photovoltaic cell) as a receiver. With the multimeter metering battery voltage changes at both ends of the situation. To determine whether the infrared led plus the appropriate forward current after the launch of infrared light.

Camera infrared led specification parameter interpretation

1, the wavelength of light, and then the number of urine is visible, and 850 nm we still can see the red dot, if it is more than 900 nanometers can not see.

2, is the use of 8000 hours after its strength decay to the original 85%

3, this is an automatic color into a black and white camera, when the light is too dark when the camera illumination need to fill light, you here is the infrared light-emitting diode (led) when the lighting, because the infrared light can not reflect the color mining camera is no longer The color code is only output black and white signal (brightness signal), this benefit is to reduce the color code to bring the color noise. Of course, it is still possible that your camera has a dual filter conversion effect, has been a black and white signal will be used for the color of the filter is also cut off to facilitate the passage of infrared, so when the system feel To the illumination is not enough to turn open led, cut off the filter to terminate the color coding time is 0.5-2 seconds to achieve. (And may not have a dual filter switching effect, you provide the message does not include a sufficient condition for dual filters)

In turn, black and white color is the reverse of this process.