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LED Backlight Panel More Energy-efficient

Nov 01, 2017

LED backlight module As the latest generation of LCD panel backlight system, LED Backlight Panel compared to the traditional CCFL backlight has many advantages, but also has some drawbacks.

More energy-efficient. LED backlight compared to CCFL backlight large-scale energy-saving, general specifications for civilian-grade products can save more than 40%. LED Backlight Panel According to our evaluation data, some high-quality LED backlight display compared with CCFL mainstream products energy-saving can reach more than 60%, is absolutely very energy-saving. And, with the further maturation of LED backlight technology, the future LED backlight display may be more energy-efficient.

Green environment. CCFL backlit mercury is a material that is quite harmful to the environment, but the LED backlight does not contain this harmful substance. LED Backlight Panel To know that the 09 display global production reached 220 million units, if the future LED backlight display popularization, will be very helpful to the Earth's environment improvement.

The gamut is wider. Because the LED backlight module compared with the traditional CCFL white light more pure, so the use of LED backlight display is more easy to enhance the gamut. LED Backlight Panel Color gamut promotion, you can make the display more color, so that the color performance is better.

Longer life. Theoretically, the LED backlight has a longer lifetime and a longer brightness decay period than the CCFL backlight. And with the further maturation of technology, LED backlight life is still extended space.

Lighter and thinner. LED backlight system compared with the traditional CCFL backlight is more frivolous, the use of LED backlight display is also possible to do more thin. LED Backlight Panel In particular, thin items, very consistent with the current consumer demand for fashion. At present, many LED backlight display on the market one of the main features is "thin."

LED backlight system is far less luminous than CCFL backlight. Simply, the use of LED backlight display brightness will be slightly lower, LED Backlight Panel such as the general CCFL backlight display brightness will be in the 300cd/m2, the low will also be in the 250cd/m2 above; but the brightness of the LED backlight display is mostly under 250CD/M2, Even more brightness will be under the 200cd/m2. As we all know, the low brightness of the display in the screen performance will be poor, the applicability will be poor, LED Backlight Panel film and television, games and other needs of high brightness needs, will inevitably be some of the powerless.