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LED Backlight Panel Unmatched Advantages

Oct 24, 2017

LED display refers directly to the LED (light-emitting diode) as a pixel light-emitting element of the display, the array of light-emitting diodes directly issued red, green, blue three-color light, LED Backlight Panel and then form a color screen. But because the light-emitting diode itself is larger, so the distance between the same color pixels is also large (that is, we often say that the distance), so LED display is usually only suitable for large-screen display. At present, LED display has been widely used in large square, LED Backlight Panel commercial advertising, sports venues, information dissemination, press releases, securities trading, to meet the needs of different environments. LED display can display changes in the number, text, graphics images. The reason why LED is widely valued and developed rapidly is inseparable from the advantages of its own. Not only can be used for indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with the projector, TV wall, LCD display can not match the advantages. And LED display set microelectronics technology, computer technology, information processing in one, LED Backlight Panel with its colorful, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable, etc., become the most dominant public display media. LED development prospects are extremely broad, is now moving toward higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, LED Backlight Panel higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full color direction.

Luminous brightness strong. The display is clearly visible when the sunlight is directly on the screen surface at the visual distance. Super grayscale control. With 1024-4096 gray-scale control, LED Backlight Panel display color 16.7M or more, clear and realistic color, three-dimensional sense of strong. Static scanning technology. Using static latch scanning, high-power drive, fully guarantee the luminous brightness. Automatic brightness adjustment. With automatic brightness adjustment function, in different brightness environment to get the best playback. The full use of imported large-scale integrated circuits. Reliability greatly improved, LED Backlight Panel easy to debug maintenance. Work around the clock. Fully adapt to outdoor adverse environmental protection, waterproof, moisture, lightning, seismic overall performance, cost-effective, display performance, pixel tube can be used P10mm, P16mm and other specifications. Advanced digital video processing. Technology distributed scanning, modular design, constant current static drive, brightness automatic adjustment. Super bright solid color pixels. The image is clear, LED Backlight Panel no jitter and ghosting, to eliminate distortion These advantages are summarized: long life, low power consumption, miniaturization, impact resistance, high brightness, low operating voltage and stable performance.

We know that the liquid crystal material itself is not glowing, the need for LCD panel backlight light source to provide light support. This light source in the past has been mainly CCFL cold light tube, CCFL cold light tube light principle similar to our daily use of fluorescent tubes. LED Backlight Panel However, CCFL cold light tube is also faced with uneven brightness, power consumption is relatively high and contains mercury and other issues. In contrast, LED backlighting in the power and material environmental aspects do better, LED Backlight Panel brightness uniformity is relatively high and the volume can be made thinner.