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LED Holder How To Store Correctly

Oct 31, 2017

LED bracket, in the LED package, the impact on product quality is very important. At present, most manufacturers know that LED stent need to use a better way to store or temporary. That LED stent storage is how to store, its main role is which side?

LED bracket, when the material is basically a vacuum packaging. The purpose of vacuum packaging is mainly to prevent the material to avoid contact with the air, moisture. And after the removal of the vacuum bag, in the factory, mainly the use of light box on the LED stent storage protection. Its main is to prevent the LED stent damp.

In fact, LED stent on the adverse effects of LED products, mainly LED stent and chip contact bad, leading to other quality problems. The reason for this is mainly due to the effect of some oxidation of the stent. But because the main impact of water quality of some micro-cracks, separation, stripping and other bad but not so obvious.

Therefore, for LED stent storage protection, the main thing is to prevent the oxidation of LED stent.

For the oxidation of the storage, first of all must be a high concentration of nitrogen nitrogen cabinet. However, due to the high operating costs of nitrogen cabinets, a nitrogen cabinet operating costs per year can reach 20000 ~ 50000RMB operating costs are most manufacturers do not want to see. So most of the manufacturers on the back and then choose the cool box.

But in fact, the general function of the main cabinet is moisture, the role of anti-oxidation is not very obvious. Cabinets to play with the nitrogen cabinet is almost the same anti-oxidation effect, the humidity must be below 5% RH. In addition, the recovery rate of humidity must be as fast as possible.

At this point, for the need for LED stent storage box parameters are clear.

LED bracket is a functional plating, we focus on the solderability and silver coating conductivity is good, followed by the stent antioxidant and other functions. LED stent due to the need for conductive and thermal, so will use the metal as a substrate. At the same time, some areas need to do insulation treatment, which requires the use of engineering plastics. Therefore, the general LED bracket is formed by metal stamping and then injection molding. LED as a light-emitting diode, the need for the metal surface plating treatment, silver as a good light reflective material, so the general LED silver plating surface treatment. In order to reduce the LED silver-plated stent in the storage and use of the bad, easy to use at the same time, we must pay attention to the following:

First, the storage use: 1. In the absence of open packaging conditions, storage conditions: below 25 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity less than 65%.

Second, the use of the stent to be stacked no more than four layers to prevent gravity extrusion deformation; handling process should be lightly put; open the package when the application of open blade adhesive tape.

Third, as the stent stamping die is mechanical with the need to regularly maintain the mold to ensure that the size of the bracket in the drawings within the tolerance range.

Fourth, after the finished product storage environment due to changes in copper material, it is difficult to ensure that the incision does not rust. Therefore, in order to improve the product level, it is recommended to use half-plated bracket, after packaging LED semi-finished products do tin protection.

It should be noted that the use of silver stent silver plating, mainly with the chemical properties of silver plating. Elemental silver in the conventional state of the chemical properties of stability, and water and oxygen in the air is also very little chemical reaction, but encountered hydrogen sulfide, oxygen compounds, ultraviolet radiation, acid, alkali, salt substances, it is easy to produce chemical Reaction, the performance of silver surface is yellow and gradually become dark brown. Therefore, the LED bracket does not take the production process operations, must be sealed storage.