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LED Holder The Impact Is Very Important

Oct 24, 2017

LED bracket, in the LED package, the impact on product quality is very important. At present, most manufacturers know that LED stent need to use a better way to store or temporary. LED Holder That LED stent storage is how to store, its main role is which side?

LED bracket, when the material is basically a vacuum packaging. The purpose of vacuum packaging is mainly to prevent the material to avoid contact with the air, moisture. And after the removal of the vacuum bag, in the factory, mainly the use of light box on the LED stent storage protection. Its main is to prevent the LED stent damp.

In fact, LED stent on the adverse effects of LED products, LED Holder mainly LED stent and chip contact bad, leading to other quality problems. The reason for this is mainly due to the effect of some oxidation of the stent. But because the main impact of water quality of some micro-cracks, separation, stripping and other bad but not so obvious.

Therefore, for LED stent storage protection, LED Holder the main thing is to prevent the oxidation of LED stent.

For the oxidation of the storage, first of all must be a high concentration of nitrogen nitrogen cabinet. However, due to the high operating costs of nitrogen cabinets, LED Holder a nitrogen cabinet operating costs per year can reach 20000 ~ 50000RMB operating costs are most manufacturers do not want to see. So most of the manufacturers on the back and then choose the cool box.

But in fact, the general function of the main cabinet is moisture, LED Holder the role of anti-oxidation is not very obvious. Cabinets to play with the nitrogen cabinet is almost the same anti-oxidation effect, the humidity must be below 5% RH. In addition, the recovery rate of humidity must be as fast as possible.

led bracket is generally made of copper (also iron, aluminum and ceramics, etc.), because the copper conductivity is very good, it will be inside the lead, LED Holder to connect the internal led lamp beads, LED lamp beads after forming, the lamp Beads can be removed from the bracket, lamp beads at both ends of the copper feet that is the lamp beads of the positive and negative, for welding to LED lamps or other LED products.

1, three kinds of stent material is different, the structure and production process is also different, which PPA is the injection molding process; PCT material flow is poor, LED Holder injection is too much trouble, need to use the traditional stamping process; EMC stent is produced by the mold process.

2, PPA and PCT are thermoplastic materials, EMC main material is epoxy resin, is a thermosetting material.

EMC's temperature resistance than PPA and PCT high, PPA temperature, LED Holder yellowing and air tightness as EMC and PCT, but the price advantage.

3, heat dissipation, PPA, PCT, EMC to enhance this, LED Holder due to different heat, PPA stent can only do 0.1 ~ 0.2W, PCT should only be able to do 0.8W and EMC can do 3W.

EMC scaffolds are resistant to high heat, anti-yellowing, LED Holder high current, high power, high density, anti-UV, small size, etc., is currently optimistic about the packaging plant, many packaging companies have set up EMC production line, EMC support is the late LED packaging development trend.

EMC stent main material is epoxy resin, is a thermosetting material, PCT is a thermoplastic material, due to high temperature, anti-UV performance difference, LED Holder PCT should only be able to do 0.8W and EMC can do 3W

PCT liquidity is slightly worse, can only do extrusion level, more brittle; EMC is doing MAP packaging efficiency EMC superior, the price of the PCT to be cheaper,LED Holder with the PPA little difference between EMC is relatively expensive.