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SMD LED High Efficiency And Energy Saving

Nov 01, 2017

SMD LED lamp bead is an efficient energy-saving industrial upgrading focus, known as the beginning of the new revolution in the field of lighting "environmental protection, SMD LED short-lived life, efficient energy saving, high color rendering, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet, SMD LED no mosquitoes, instantaneous start-up, wide voltage working range, large width working temperature range and many other advantages."

The advantage of its environmental protection is the leader in energy-saving lighting products. If the country has 10% conservative light source is replaced by LED, can save 9 billion degrees, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide 8.64 million tons. At present, SMD LED lamp Beads Light-emitting diode products have penetrated into all areas of social life. Below to a few more commonly used lamps, and LED lamps to do a comparison, will be led lamps to quantify the advantages.

SMD LED lamp bead is 1/10 power consumption of incandescent lamp. But for the current use of a larger energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes, energy efficiency is also more than 50%, and completely avoid energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes in the harmful lethal substances-mercury. SMD LED A 36w fluorescent tube broken will likely cause the ambient air mercury vapor content beyond the national standard of more than 2000 times times; and some scrap lamps disposed improperly, containing mercury into the ground, each mg of mercury can contaminate hundreds of tons of water, which is undoubtedly a huge damage to the ecological environment.

LED SMD Lamp by FPC circuit board, LED lights, high-quality silicone casing made of. Waterproof performance, the use of low-voltage DC power supply safe and convenient, SMD LED light color diversity, bright colors; Outdoor use can resist UV aging, yellowing, high temperature and other advantages, the product is widely used in building contour lights, entertainment quasi decorative lighting, advertising decorative lamp lighting field.

The lamp bead makes the light with the brightness is low, because the LED lamp bead Luminous Chip's quality decided to make the LED lamp bead brightness is not high, SMD LED those chips are 1-2 cents a poor quality goods, using a problem on the leakage (dead lights), genuine chips made of things characterized by high brightness, stable performance, but the price will be high.

This is the judgment led SMD lamp bead is the most important parameter, is the LED each tile emits luminous flux (lumen/tile, LM), the light effect is brighter, SMD LED the current industry mainstream single high-power white led luminous effect is in 70-100lm/w.