5mm Round High Brightness Red Difficused Dimmer LED Lamp

Through hole LED Lamps are suitable for all applications requiring back lighting and status indication. Consumer electronics and automotive interiors used LEDs lamps to add value to their products.

Product Details

Since year 2002, G&H has been well-known in the world as one of the professional wholesale 5mm led light emitting diode lamp red difficused manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come and get our customized service. We will do our best to make you 100% satisfactory.

5mm Round High Brightness Red Difficused Dimmer LED Lamp


●Choice of various color & view angles  

●Low power consumption

●Reliable & Rugged

●Long life-Solid State Reliability

●High Efficiency

●RoHS Complaint


 ● 5mm round red LED in diffused len

 ● 1500mcd -3000mcd at 30 degree

Package Dimensions


1. All dimensions are in millimeters

2. Tolerance is ±0.2mm unless otherwise noted.


Electrical specification

1.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25℃


1.2 Electrical Optical Characteristics at Ta=25℃ 



In order to meet the needs of customers and market, G&H always focus on the combination of products and application. Our 5mm Through hole LED mainly applied in six fields: Automotive, Consumer Appliances, Communication, Display, Industry and Lighting.



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